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How PC gaming saved me from starving

When I was 14, a friend showed up at my place with his hard drive in his hand. He wanted to show me his games, a CD-ROM was not enough, and it was a time before external hard drives. Carrying his HD around was his solution to the problem. It made me want to carry my hard drive around like him - it seemed so practical in my head. He taught me how to assemble and disassemble a computer, how to set my HD as a secondary drive, and many other things. Months later, someone from my mother’s church ne

Top Shows On Prime Video For September

If you’re not already subscribed to Amazon Prime, there are plenty of reasons to give it a try, including free two-day shipping on many items in their inventory. Prime subscribers also gain access to ad-free music streaming through Prime Music, unlimited photo storage in Prime Photos, early access to sale events like Black Friday, and of course, Prime Video. Prime Video offers access to thousands of popular movies and TV shows, Perhaps Prime Video’s most compelling benefit is the award-winning

Best back-to-school deals for gamers | 2021

Are you looking for back-to-school deals on your favorite video games and gaming gear? Luckily, there are plenty of gaming deals out there. From new games to keyboards, headsets, and gaming chairs, there’s a deal out there for every gamer. We’ve put together a list of deals for gamers that might help you save a few extra bucks while you prep for the school year. If you need that one last piece of gear before heading back to school, scan our list of back-to-school deals for gamers and get geared

Guilty Gear Strive Might Have Changed Fighting Games Forever

The Guilty Gear Strive hype is far from over. It has charismatic characters, fun gameplay, a heavenly netcode, and some of the most impressive 3D anime characters ever made. Arc System Works managed to deliver an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master product that can be enjoyed by both newcomers and hardcore players. Once a niche franchise, it now frequently has more players than its competitors on PC. Although it is hard to imagine that any fighting game will dethrone Guilty Gear any time soon, it got

What Is A Shoto? Explaining A Common Misconception In Fighting Games

Things have been crazy recently in the Fighting Game Community, and the word Shoto has been tossed left and right frequently. We can thank Smash Bros players for this topic surfacing, though. It seems that for some reason, they hate when Smash adds characters from Traditional Fighting Games to their game. And now they think that any character that comes from a Fighting Game is a Shoto. Well, they're wrong. But if they are, wha

Realm of the Rat King - Demeo's First Free DLC Arrives!

With the arrival of Demeo’s Realm of the Rat King, it seems that early adopters of the virtual board game are going to be rewarded for their patience. Although the new additions do not significantly change how the game is played, the free update brings enough new elements that’ll make it worth revisiting. If you like Demeo but got tired of replaying the initial campaign, the new and free Realm of the Rat King might be exactly what you were waiting for. You can see the trailer for the new expans

Kick-Flight is Shutting Down the Servers

The announcement that Kick-Flight is shutting down its servers was not well received by the player base. This is one of those games that people either don’t care about or fall in love with. There are no other games that are similar enough to Kick-Flight to inherit its players. It’s tragic to see this game go so soon. Kick-Flight is unique in Art Style and Gameplay It doesn’t take much for one to realize that this game looks very polished and well designed. The arenas are interesting, the aeri

Best Guilty Gear Strive Mods List

Guilty Gear Strive is already one of the most popular fighting games of 2021, and we’re here to show you its best mods and where to find them. Although the game’s visual appeal is outstanding, the only variation in its characters’ looks is with their color pallets. Thankfully, some mods bring new color schemes, others shake up the user interface, and there are even those that have different models and textures for the characters! This is a fantastic mod. The Guilty Gear Strive mod collection pa